Confidence and security

Our advanced, integrated fraud-management tools help you to manage your risk strategy, maximise conversion rate and minimise loss. As fraudsters become increasingly sophisticated, we have the technology to ensure you can identify your genuine customers.

Our inbuilt fraud management solution has 120+ risk checks, which you can add easily in real-time through our Business Intelligence Platform.

We also provide access to specialist third party solutions such as Kount® and ACI ReD Shield.

Standard tools:

  • Address verification system (AVS)
  • Card verification value (CVV)
  • 3D secure cardholder authentication
  • Set custom rules
  • Geo IP address verification
  • Velocity checks
  • Plausibility checks
  • Black and white listing

ACI ReD Shield

  • Protect revenues, drive growth and enhance customer experience.
  • ACI ReD Shield offers real-time, multi-tiered protection. Get instant decisions (accept/challenge/deny) on eCommerce and mCommerce transactions.
  • Detect and prevent online fraud
  • Maximize sales revenues
  • Reduce chargebacks
  • Reduce manual reviews
  • Minimize false positives
  • Support business expansion into new markets, sales channels and payment options
  • Detect and manage domestic and cross-border payment fraud across all payment solutions


  • Built-in confidence with Kount®’s proven machine-learning fraud solutions.
  • Speedy and accurate, this is a complete fraud management platform:
  • Includes transaction screening, artificial intelligence, auto-decisioning and workflow management easy-to-use interface
  • Friction-free during checkout
  • Reduces manual reviews and chargebacks under 300ms

I'm a merchant

  • Need a merchant account?
  • Whether you are an established company or a brand new startup.
  • Is your business low or high risk?
  • We provide merchant services to most types of business.

I'm a partner

  • Are you a payment processor or acquiring bank?
  • Whether you are a web developer, digital agency or hosting company.
  • Our partner programme could be perfect for you.
  • Don’t forget: the more business you refer, the higher your commission.