Your gateway to payment heaven

  • Recurring payments
  • One-click purchases
  • Secure payments
  • Grow faster
  • Easy to integrate
  • Support for alternative payment options

Remove payment pains with ZionPay

We help you make payments as well as accept them. ZionPay, our money transfer solution, lets you send money abroad to pay employees, affiliates or international invoices. Simple and safe.


  • International payroll
  • Money transfer
  • Pay affiliate commissions
  • Multi-currency

Guardians of the gateway

  • Address verification system (AVS)
  • Card verification value (CVV)
  • Set custom rules
  • Geo IP address verification
  • 3D secure cardholder authentication
  • Advanced fraud-management tools include ACI ReD Shield and Kount®

I'm a merchant

  • Need a merchant account?
  • Are you an established company? Or a brand-new start up?
  • Is your business low risk? Or high risk?
  • We provide merchant services to most types of business.

I'm a partner

  • Are you a payment processor or acquiring bank?
  • Are you a web developer, digital agency or hosting company?
  • Interested in joining our partner programme?
  • The more business you refer, the higher your commission.